This is a question we are often asked for. Don’t expect a clear answer as you would not asking how much an ecommerce website is converting. However we know ecommerce conversion rate is an average 1%, and going up to 10 or 20% in best cases. Being under 1% means something is probably wrong, you may have unqualified trafic or onsite optimization to work on. It’s about the same with pop-ups. 1% is a standard, and it goes up to 10% or 20%. Pop-up conversion rate depends on what you want to convert (emails, likes, etc.), the visual, and the targeting. Visual rules is very simple but very useful: it has to be clear, basic, light. Targeting rule is simple too: test & measure! We have seen WisePops user double conversion rate with some basic testing, switching from all visitors to new visitors only, etc. Overall the math is easy: even if your website converts by 1% and your pop-up converts the same, you can get twice conversions (and actually much more) thanks to a wise use of pop-ups.

Measure your conversion lift and share it with us: create your pop-up today!

We are not publishing many new posts, so here are some news from WisePops. Since the launch of our Beta in July, 100 beta testers have joined, among them some really high level marketers or influencers (truly, amazing ones). Thanks to all of those who shared experience & insights with our team we have been able to collect great feedbacks on WisePops. The most important one is that you share our vision of pop-ups, and love our features & interface. The most critical feedback is that some absolutely key features for some of you are missing in our v1 (Running Lean side effect). This is now our priority, and we will communicate our next release date asap here. WisePops is an amazing project, you have no idea how impatient we are to move to next step.

Meanwhile you can still enjoy our Beta and keep sharing feedbacks (here or by email) – it is high value for us and we will give it back to you by developing the exact features you need.

1. WisePops makes it ridiculously easy to create amazing pop-ups

WisePops helps you build exactly the pop ups you need. You don’t have to stick with a template that disrupt with your website’s design. You don’t have to invest in a designer to create a great template that will only serves once in a life time. You don’t have to write a single line of code. Drag n drop your blocks (images, text, videos, buttons, forms, or even a HTML code), custom size, fonts & colors and it’s done. You can publish it and it’s live on your site. Really, it takes no more than one or two minutes. And you can create as much pop-ups as you need to promote Email sign ups, coupons, ebooks, etc depending on your current needs and objectives.


2. Display your pop-up where, when and to who you want

Adding a pop-up on your website does not mean every single visitors has to see it at every single connection on your site. Each message targets a specific audience so WisePops helps you edit a display scenario for each pop up, to target who you need. Check out some targeting options in our Display Scenario Editor:



3. It’s all about data

Marketing is about testing what works, and deploy. We bring you data to help you track displays, & clics. You don’t have to create a landing page, or sophisticated designs: pop ups are the easiest way to place your new ideas in front of your visitors and test impact instantly. In minutes, you start collecting datas on your campaigns.

4. Saas is the best

We love the saas model: test for free, no upside cost, ni hidden costs, no commitment, cancel anytime you want: this is what we like as customers, and it is our policy.

5. Our team comes in your plan

We are a bunch of people with years of experience in e-commerce and webmarketing, and we love pop-ups. We dedicate our time to help you promote your call to actions, test your new ideas, and increase conversions. Share your needs, ideas, comments with us, and engage conversations if you need anything, we will get back to you in less than 24h.

Want to start a test on WisePops ? All you need is a few short minutes, and it’s free: Go build your pop-up now and share feedbacks and insights with us.

WisePops ROCKS!

Mass emailing is over

It should not surprise anyone of us, people are bored with emails, mailboxes are overloaded with commercials, and nobody opens an email without a very good reason or strong interest. Add to that the fact that if your emails get no interaction you get filtered as spam, and you should agree that collect tons of emails to send tons of emails is not the best strategy to adopt. As everyone of us, emailing is subject to evolution.

Emailing is a more than ever a great media

Indeed, good news is that emails are still opened, and emails have a great future as a media to communicate, promote, sell, and generate business. It just requires much more efforts to send an email that get opened, and clicked. What efforts? Emails are opened if they really add value to who receive it, wether it is through content, deals, etc. Means it has to be targeted, means you have something to say if you send an email.

“Send better emails” is the strategy to adopt.

How to do that?

- less, but more – challenge your emails, would it interest your best friend? Would he take action upon it? Would he learn something? Sounds basic but that is what matter. Your friends / colleagues are like you. And like the one who will read your emails.

- custom & target – different users, different needs. Again, this is basic, but most of the email senders don’t do any targeting job.

Forget quantity! In this context, you should realize that when someone give your his emails, it means something. Signing up to a newsletter means you like the site, or brand, or content. It means you do not want to close your window & forget it. And it means you expect something from signing up, wether it is a deal, a content, or just be part of a community. Anyway, it is a decision to sign-up, and it should be considered as such from any website. Each email is precious, each email is an opportunity.

Work to be proud of your newsletter

The goal is simple: be proud of your newsletter, consider sign up as a privilege, that grant access to your content / community.

Here’s a little example of how you are when you don’t invest much in your emails:


And how it can become when you have invested in it


There is no magical trick to succeed, but return comes after investment, and I guess emailing is only at the beginning of a big shift so it’s time to move. Old way is just a waste of time.

Share your opinion – how do you see emailing evolves in the next few years?